You were the keeper of this graveyard, a graveyard for animals. Now you are dead too: but your work gotta go on, because a storm struck the cemetery, making a mess of your well mantained tombs.

Scattered all around the place there are skeletons from fishes, cats and alligators.

Your job is to put them back together and let them rest in piec... ehr, in peace.


It's a puzzle game in wich you have to put together different pieces of the same skeleton(s).

Using your mouse and clicking while around the field, your magical shovel will appear. When released, it will make straight flights over the graveyard, pushing the pieces of the different skeletons in the flight direction.

Be aware that rocks and toilet paper block the way of both shovel and skeleton pieces. The holes only block skeleton pieces.


  • Dead simple gameplay
  • No living beings
  • Creepy pixelart
  • Toilet paper


  • Music and sound effects
  • Wait time before leaving level after completing it
  • Moves counter

Hope you enjoy this little game!

Made in less than 3 days for the Major Jam - Isolation with TIC 80 fantasy console.

Thanks to the talented DevEd for the help with music and sounds!


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Very fun mechanics!

Well thank you 🙂

(1 edit) (+1)

A post jam version is in progress, with many of the features missing here:

  • sounds, thanks to DevEd
  • faster response of the shovel to the end of the field
  • wait time before level switching
  • moves counter

Gonna upload it after the jam is over, so keep your eyes open!

Nice Puzzle Game!

Thank you!